About Us

There’s a new way to enjoy your favorite sports live!

 We provide a fully high end travel experience!

 Our company sells different travel packages for sports events, which include the event tickets, plane tickets, and nights in a hotel. Insurance is also included in the cost of the trip.  The business is located at 520 West Main Street in Rockaway, NJ, in room 127. It consists of 15 employees and one CEO. Premiere Sports Travel works to blend vacation and entertainment into one luxurious, memorable experience while taking the guesswork out of travelling.

Reminder: Insurance is sold separately

*This is a simulated business for educational purposes only*

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Tel:  973-664-2309

Email: vei.premieresportstravel.nj@veinternational.org


520 West Main St

Rockaway, NJ, 07866




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